The New Piedmont Almanac

A Guide to the Natural World

by David Cook

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This Almanac is a yearly calendar of weeks and months charting the unfolding of a year. On its pages, you will find the times of the rising and setting sun, observations of natural phenomena, perspectives on flora and fauna, geologic stories, and a forecast of storm events. Stories or articles accompany every week. A Reference Section contains additional writings of fact and natural lore. There is space throughout the parade of weeks for the reader’s own observations.

A treasure of inestimable value! This Almanac should be among the first books on the shelf of every home in this section of North Carolina. It should be there along with the Bible, the Dictionary, and a one–volume Encyclopedia. Indeed the land where we live is itself a kind of sacred book, the original source to our words, and an introduction to the world we live in.”

—Thomas Berry

Note: This Almanac specifically originates from the Central Piedmont, that part of the Piedmont that extends from York County, South Carolina north to Cumberland County, Virginia, though it has wider applications throughout the east coast and the mountains.